Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Last Trip in Virginia

An era has come to an end I guess you could say. Four years in Virginia fishing all over the state and many others. The rolling hills here are beautiful and possess a Southern state of mind that takes you back to the good 'ol days. Virginia is truly a beautiful place. Although compared with trout fishing elsewhere, Virginia does not top any lists but I should say that it can hold its own in all categories of tailwaters (Jackson River), spring creeks (Mossy Creek), and freestones (any mountain stream in SNP).

My last trip I decided to go to the first place I ever fished in Virginia, if memory serves correctly. The North Fork of the Moormans River. There is a pay to play stocked section below the Charlottesville Reservoir, but above it is purely wild brookies and the higher you hike, the more rewards you receive. A truly beautiful river with beautiful fish. Wet wading for the first time was amazing and I caught fish on top of it. A great day, although I left with a nasty sunburn. It only reminds me every time I take a shower or put a shirt on that I had a great day fishing, my last day fishing here in VA. My friend, Casey, accompanied me and we did not have a 50-fish day but it didn't matter. The bugs were everywhere and the sun was shining and the water was flowing. What else can a guy ask for?

The gypsy moth's have cocooned up and are ready to explode into beautiful moths. Their nests are truly a sight to see. These were everywhere along the river. It's been a great four years, the best of which were when I was with my friends on the river. It never matters which one you're on.

It's time for me to move on, and I'm headed to Wyoming for the summer. I can't wait for this new experience in my life. After that, who knows. Oregon? New Zealand? Somewhere else? That's the most exciting part. I'm at the wind's mercy to blow me wherever it sees fit.


Sir Jackson said...

Congrats bro! Indeed a sad moment..... we had many good and bad days in VA. On to bigger and better things.

bacon_to_fry said...

guy, what in the hell are you thinking finishing college in only 4 years?

Royal said...

Are you the same Guy that I met at the clean up of Big Spring Creek in Leesburg?? Maybe? No? any way your blog is awsome keep it up.

opax said...

Go with the wind and enjoy the ride Double Haul!

Teh Wind Knot said...

Interestingly, my first trout on a fly rod came out of that river. There was no pay to play back in those days (and dinosaurs walked on The Lawn). I had bought a fly rod during the summer to catch a tricky bass in a pond that refused everything else and brought the rod back to the Hook.

Not knowing anything about trout then--except that they lived in streams--I found the first stream I could and started thrashing. Below the dam was pretty dead, just sunfish, but I remember the brookies above the reservoir well--as does my GPA.

Brandon Chief Angler said...

Congrats on moving out west. I just got back from Jackson and fishing around town and hit the South Fork which was loaded with hungry fish. Nice thing is that the river was empty, great to fish out there in the fall.

Looks like it has been a while since you updated an entry, hope you keep it up.

I spend a few weeks a year out there fishing, so drop me a line, maybe we can hook up.

I also added your blog to our blogroll, if you link back it would be mucho appreciated. Out link is:

Hope you had a good season and maybe we can catch up out there soon.


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